Electrics car – (EV) charging stations

Electric car (EV) charging stations

General information

Electric cars are increasingly entering our everyday reality. The huge interest in this branch of industry has led us to propose a device for charging batteries of electric cars directly from the AC network. We offer solutions that can be used in your home or in public places, including: car parks, hotels, restaurants, shops, shopping malls, office buildings and even housing communities. Charging can take place both in a public and secured way, including through RFID cards. It is also possible to apply financial accounting systems depending on the criteria that will be set for us.

The body of the enclosure can be made of steel sheet repeatedly restrained, protected with a coating of polyester powder lacquer or acid-resistant (or stainless steel) sheet. It is possible to connect individual modules or use a solution containing a plug with a cable or a socket mounted in a housing.

  • The station can be made in any size by individual project
  • Compatible with all electric cars
  • Several cars can be charged at the same time
  • Solutions that can be used in your home or in public places
  • Touch panel control
  • Vandal resistant enclosure

Basic parameters


Compliance with standards