Enclosures framework ORA

Enclosures framework ORA


Enclosure framework, depending on the installed equipment They are used for the construction of low voltage switchgear, control equipment electrical, process control and production control it. Another using enclosures is the use of telecommunications, as cabinets network. Cabinets can be freely configured in sets. In sets one of them can be used as a power supply box, the second as field drainage and the next as a measurement, etc.

ORA standard enclosure is made of sheet steel black a thickness of 1,5-2mm. The production process begins with the housing the cutting process, then bending, welding and painting. The cabinet is coated polyester lacquer in RAL 7035. There is a possibility of the housing of a different material, and be painted her in any RAL color. The enclosure door lockable hinged lock with 3 point, sealed polyurethane gasket. The scope of delivery includes a housing ORA bare skeleton with door and rear panel.

Additional options

Covers the sides: internal IP30, IP55  ·  Conduit upper and lower  ·  Mounting plate  ·  Base  ·  Modular internal design  ·  Beams vertical perforated  ·  Hinged frame 19″  ·  Other support elements


  • Low voltage switchgear
  • Control equipment electrical, process control, production control
  • Telecommunications, network cabinets


  • Indoors
  • Environment almost aggressive

  • The enclosure door lockable hinged lock with 3-point
  • The enclosure door sealed with polyurethane gasket
  • Possibility to paint in any color from the RAL palette
  • Possibility making an enclosure from a different material
Enclosures framework ORA - construction

Enclosures construction

2Rear lid
3Lid side
6The upper lid
7The lower lid
8Beam side

Basic parameters

Available sizes (range)


Compliance with standards

Standard equipment


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