OTW flush-mounted enclosures

OTW flush-mounted enclosures

OTW enclosures

OTW flush-mounted enclosures (polyester thermosetting) are designed for technical flush-mounted applications in residential housing and engineering construction. They are also used as electrical switchgear, with all advantages of the used material. Frames with doors and the OTW 26 and OTW 46 housing are normally made of thermosetting glass fibre reinforced polyester, and the remaining housings are made of PVC or alternatively of black powder-coated, galvanised or acidresistant sheet. The use of the highest quality of material ensures high mechanical strength, reduces the effects of weather conditions, including the UV radiation, and provides a highly aesthetic finish.


  • Technical flush-mounted applications in residential housing and engineering construction
  • Rozdzielnice pomiarowe
  • Enclosures protecting electronic devices


  • A wide range of working temperature -50 +50C
  • Resistance to weather conditions (UV)
  • Impact resistance IK 10

  • Flammability category V0
  • Resistance to UV radiation
  • Technical flush-mounted applications
  • A wide range of accessories
OTW flush-mounted enclosures (polyester thermosetting) - constructionFlush-mounted enclosure OTW

Enclosures construction

1Body of the enclosure
2Vertical frame
3Horizontal frame
5Bottom hinge
6Up hinge
7Middle hinge
8Connecting angle
9Set of strands
11Screw 4,8x9
12M6 nut
13M6 bolt

Ribbed external surface

Ribbed external surface

Ribbed external surface, which gives additional strength, mechanical resilience and also prevents from covering with posters
Different types of locks

Different types of locks

The possibility of using both the lock insert and the padlock protecting against opening the door

Basic parameters

Available sizes (range)


Compliance with standards

Standard equipment


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