Laser cutting, punching machine cutting


We offer cutting of any shape on a 4kW fiber laser. Our machine park is also equipped with two revolver presses, including one with automatic sheet loading. We also have guillotine shears. The range of thickness and the type of material being processed depends on the technology chosen for each order.


  • Industry
  • Production
  • Prefabrication

Material possibilities

  • Aluminum - up to 12mm
  • Brass, copper - up to 8mm
  • Black steel - up to 15mm
  • Galvanized sheet and aluzinc - up to 3mm
  • Plastic - up to 6mm

Technological possibilities

  • The range of cutting sheet metal with a size of 3000 x 1500 mm
  • Creasing
  • Marking - engraving
  • Cutting sheet thic

Range of services

  • Laser cutinng
  • Cutting with a turret punch

Certificates, standards

  • ISO 9001:2009


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