Multimedia enclosures OMM

Multimedia enclosures OMM


OMM metal multimedia enclosures are used in housing construction. In accordance with applicable regulations, they meet building requirements applicable as enclosures for the distribution of media and power supply signals. Thanks to this solution, in one surface-mounted or concealed enclosure, we can collect all types of media: electrics, teletechnics, telephones, CATV cable TV, home computer networks, alarm installations, fire-protection installations and finally allows you to assemble the elements of the “smart home” system.

As a standard, multimedia switchgear consists of three separate, independent and separated parts:

  • Electrical part – for installation with modular devices of low voltage switchgear
  • Alarm part – this part of the switchboard can be an optional part
  • Teletechnical part – this part of the switchgear is intended for teletechnical installations and CATV

Enclosure is made of steel sheet, which has been repeatedly restrained, 1.2 mm thick, painted with RAL 9010 powder coating.

Additional options

Any color from the RAL palette


  • electrical network, home computer network
  • alarm installation, fire protection installation
  • home computer network, elements of “smart home”


  • inside buildings
  • operating in a dry environment

  • The right door can be changed to the left and vice versa
  • Small external dimensions - only 10cm deep
  • Perfect for connecting teletechnical networks with the "Smart Home" system

Surface mounted enclosure

 OMM surface-mounted metal multimedia enclosure

Flush-mounted enclosure

 Flush-mounted metal multimedia enclosure OMM

Basic parameters

Available sizes (range)


Compliance with standards

Standard equipment


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