OT polyester enclosures (thermosetting) - 250mm

The OT polyester enclosures (thermosetting) with a depth of 250mm

Polyester thermosetting enclosures type OT – 250mm

The OT polyester enclosures (thermosetting) with a depth of 250mm enclosures, fulfilling a series of requirements given to switchgears. They are made of thermosetting glass fibre reinforced polyester which has insulating, slow-burning and self-extinguishing properties, and its typical features is high resistance to weather (UV). These enclosures, due to its multifunctional structure, can be used for the power and telecommunication industry, as well as for general industry purposes.

Additionally, the enclosures with a height of 800 mm are designed for installation of busbar systems and terminal equipment. Our offer for those enclosures includes a selection of four types of insulators.

All types of insulators ensure stable installation, and the spacing of busbars meets the requirements of relevant standards. The spacing of insulators in the enclosure allows to install the terminal equipment with the spacing of 185 mm.

The enclosures can have two types of the roof: skew for outdoor enclosures and flat for indoor enclosures. Doors and segments can be dismounted without any tools.


  • Cable and measuring connectors in professional power engineering
  • Rozdzielnice elektryczne Nn
  • Enclosures protecting electronic devices


  • A wide range of work at temperature -50 +85C
  • Resistance to weather conditions (UV)
  • Impact resistance IK 10

  • Construction allows to connect the enclosure with the pedestal or the cable base
  • The module design allows to set enclosures vertically or horizontally
  • The ventilation system minimizes the accumulation of moisture inside the enclosure
Polyester (thermoset) electric enclosure
Polyester (thermoset) electric enclosure

Enclosure structure

3Right door
4Left door
5Left door with overlap
6Right side
7Left side
8Back with insulators
9Back without insulators
11Vertical partition
12Internal partition
13Bottom hinge
14Up hinge
15Middle hinge
17Set of strands
18M6 washer
19M6 nut
20Screw 4x11
21Screw 6.1x16

Modular construction

Modular construction

The module design allows to connect the enclosure with the pedestal or the cable base and to set enclosures vertically or horizontally.
Ribbed surface of enclosure

Ribbed surface

Ribbed surface gives them additional strength and mechanical resilience and also prevents from covering with posters.
Different types of locks

Different types of locks

The possibility of using both a lock insert and a padlock to prevent the door from being opened.
Additional accessories

Additional accessories

The possibility of using many accessories

Basic parameters

Available sizes (range)


Compliance with standards

Standard equipment


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