Inspection doors DRM and DRN

Metal inspection door

Inspection doors DRM, DRN

Inspection doors made of a black metal sheet (DRM), and in a sheet steel (DRN) repeatedly creped to increase the rigidity of the structure. Secured and painted polyester in RAL 9003. Equipped with Yale locks type number 9081 of the number depending on the height of the door and the hinges with quick removal and translate them on the opposite side. A door frame formed with a width of 20 mm and constrained at 90° to increase the rigidity of the whole structure. Inspection doors are available in either concealed and have the side mount.


The doors divided vertically and horizontally  ·  Lock Yale 9082  ·  Revision window round or rectangular  ·  Any RAL color  ·  Vents


  • Outdoor building recesses (DRN) and indoor building recesses (DRM)
  • Outdoor energy meters (DRN) and indoor energy meters(DRM)
  • Modernization of the old inspection doors


  • For outdoor (DRN) and indoor (DRM) use
  • UV resistance

  • Possibility of varnish in any RAL color
  • Revision window round or rectangular
  • Quick disassembly and change of the door opening page
  • The possibility of using any lock
DRM and DRN inspection doors - SAKS-POL

Basic parameters

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Compliance with standards

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