Sheet metal bending - Services


Sheet bending is carried out with the help of edge presses with very high accuracy, long-series elements can be implemented through an automated device that supports the work of qualified operators.


  • Industry
  • Production
  • Prefabrication

Material possibilities

  • Acid-proof or stainless steel up to max. 6mm thick and 300mm long
  • Black or galvanized steel up to max. 6mm thick and 300mm long
  • Aluminum, copper, brass up to max. 6mm thick and 300mm long

Technological possibilities

  • Bending of elements with complex shapes
  • Full repeatability of bending dimensions and angles
  • A large collection of tools
  • Control over the workpiece processing process thanks to 3D visualization

Range of services

  • Creating documentation and designing of finished elements
  • Comprehensive implementation of cutting and bending materials
  • Bending of sheet metal and elements manufactured in our company or entrusted by the customer

Certificates, standards

  • ISO 9001:2009


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