Modular enclosures and distribution OMT

Metal modular enclosures OMT

Modular enclosures and distribution OMT

Modular enclosures and distribution OMT are designed to set up electrical switchboards using modular equipment. Most often they are used in residential, industrial plants or in service objects.

OMT enclousure consists of three basic elements. The body of the door and contribution mounting. Body made of black sheet repeatedly creped, protected powdercoated polyester in RAL 7035. On request it is possible to overcoat the housing in any RAL color. The standard enclosures are made without the back, hold the door locks type LTK-47. As an additional assortment we have a back made of galvanized steel, and other types of locks, eg. RS 750. Cases can be used as a hanging or standing on pedestals. Depending on your needs, there is the possibility of combining enclosures sets vertical and horizontal.

Additional options

Revision window round or rectangular  ·  Any RAL color  ·  Back


  • Modular apparatus nN
  • Electricity meters
  • Other energy distribution devices


  • Inside buildings

  • Any color of the RAL palette
  • Quick disassembly and change of the door opening side
  • A wide range of accessories and assembly elements
  • Assembly and disassembly without the use of tools
OMT enclosures construction

Enclosures construction

5Mouting bracket
6Hinge down
7Hinge up
8LTK Lock

Contribution mounting

Removable mounting for easy installation of electrical apparatus

Mounting profiles

Mounting profiles facilitate free przesówanie accessories in two planes

Masking coover or full cut

Masking coover or full cut, made of PVC plastic or metal. Special clips to enable sealing.


A wide range of accessories: rail TH, trims, beams assembly, pockets counting 1, 2 or 3-row

Basic parameters

Available sizes (range)


Compliance with standards

Standard equipment


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