Machining, CNC milling - Services


Saks-Pol serves various industries in the field of machining. Our rich machinery park and experience in the implementation of services, allows us to make a very large range of products. We make tools and technological equipment for production. We have extensive technological knowledge and use specialized CAD / CAM SolidWORKS and SolidEdge software. The developed technological processes and CNC programs meet the high requirements of our clients.


  • Industry
  • Production
  • Prefabrication

Material possibilities

  • Aluminum
  • Browns
  • Copper
  • Brass
  • Plastics
  • Steel (tool, structural, acid-resistant)

Technological possibilities

  • CNC milling
    Length X – max 1626mm, Width Y – max 1016mm, Height Z – max 762mm, Weight – max 1814kg
  • Cutting and milling plotter
    Length X – max 3000mm, Width Y – max 2000mm, Height Z – max 200mm
  • Turning
    Diameter of turning – 400mm, Length – 1500mm
  • CNC turning
    Turning diameter – 40mm, Length - 200mm

Range of services

  • precise CNC machining: turning, 3-axis milling
  • performance of parts, tooling and tools:
    • based on the entrusted documentation
    • based on documentation created by the construction and technological department (also on the basis of worn-out patterns provided by the customer)
  • machine and equipment design
  • CAM programming services

Certificates, standards

ISO 9001:2009


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